What to Pray for Our Trip to the Irula Village Near Kalavai, India

I can’t believe that I will start my 40-hour journey to a tiny village in India tomorrow.

I’ve been praying in expectation.  Now I actually get to live it out.  Yes!!!

Do you remember when I blogged about the theme of my summer story (read it here)?  Well, it’s no accident that I get to finish this year and start a new one defending love.  Although I’ve never stepped foot on Indian soil, my heart is already bursting for the people of Kalavai.  What an amazing gift to get to live Love and be a part of God’s work in India.

Thanks for being a part of this from home.  It is through prayer that light shines in darkness.  What you’re doing IS the difference.

Warning: the prayer requests are kind of long, but I know a lot of people who pray a ton and then things change and miracles happen.  If you only want to pray a little, skip to the last one.  

May our words bring life and give Him glory:

1) Pray that we will quickly be able to build relationships and communicate the vision to our team of translators.  We desire to be effective in sharing God’s love with them and through them.

2) We are hoping to spend some time with local pastors and leaders, encouraging them in their ministries.  Pray for Jay Taylor and me as we put together and lead a training session.  Our goal is to raise up local leaders so that they have new enthusiasm and tools for continuing long after we are gone.

May our actions reflect a God of love and purpose:

1) You already know that I think living out Jesus’ message is far more important than words.  Pray for us as we set up experiences for the Irula People to experience His Great Love, Design and Purpose for their lives.  Pray that light will enter darkness as we physically touch “the untouchables” of India,  experience joy with them and as we share in each others’ stories.

2) Pray that we have open hearts to where God wants us to join in His work.  We’ve planned and trained to bring life-giving and changing experiences to India, and we want to be willing to throw it all out the window as He guides us.

May God work in me and through me: 

1) I’m afraid of one thing besides the rats.  Getting sick.  It stems from my dietary restrictions and the memory of a mystery disease when I lived in Asia.  I love how God knows our deepest fears and that He’s provided an incredible nurse and doctor to lead our team.  Pray that sickness has no grip on our team.

2) Pray that God changes me.  I desire to be less of me and more of Him.  I want the lens through which I view the world to be shattered and replaced with His.  May everything I do and say reflect my Savior and bring Him glory.

But ultimately, if you only pray one thing, pray that God’s people in India will come to know that they have a Creator that made them perfectly, has purpose for their lives, and loves them like crazy.

You can follow our trip and our updated prayer requests on our team blog: http://www.gccindiateams.blogspot.com/

Love to you all!

One thought on “What to Pray for Our Trip to the Irula Village Near Kalavai, India

  1. April, I will be praying for you, the team, and the dear people you bring HIS love to. May they know HIS HOPE and HIS purpose in their lives.

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