Our Arrival in India

After an 8-hour flight to London and then a 10-hour flight to Chennai, we were the perfect picture of weary excitement.  Truth be told, I’d sit in the middle seat between Tim and Jerry for 18 hours any day.

We carried our own luggage plus 10 team bags filled with blankets for every household and supplies for our program (like tie dye t-shirts!).  Don’t we look legit? 

As we exited the airport gate, Raj, Prema, Bruce and a few others were ready for a great reunion.  They greeted us with warm hugs and necklaces of gorgeous flowers.

Our first stop in Chennai was to Spencer Plaza (read: the mall).  You know, because the team had to partake in Pizza Hut before fully immersing.  Lucky me, the gluten-free kid, I got to eat Indian food with Raj, Prema, Bruce and Clarinda.  I will forever be trying to figure out how to make Aapam!

Next up: bargaining.  Lesson learned- never enter a store without consulting Prema, our new Indian mother.

Let’s fast forward- I’m going to skip a part of the day- the story of St. Thomas in India and our visits to the places he journeyed.  That needs its own post.  We did arrive back from that adventure to a great New Year’s Buffett.  I finally turned in at 11 after partying at the lobby computers.  Have I mentioned I love gmail chat and the encouragement that floods my way through my friends?

The next morning, we headed to an incredible old church in Chennai.  As you view our pictures from Sunday morning, may the words of our closing prayer stir something in your hearts as they did mine. 

O God our Father, send us from this place with the light of your hope in our eyes, and the fire of your love in our hearts.

Send us from this place, conscious again of the unseen cloud of witnesses who compass us about; and certain of the presence of our blessed Lord.

Send us from this place, sure that in this life you are with us, and that afterwards you will receive us into glory. 

After this, we left for the village.  And those pictures have to be picked carefully.  I can’t wait to show you life in India!

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