Why I had my hands full in India

When our GCC Team brought camp to Kalavai, it was the first experience that allowed the whole village to be engaged.  From the eldest to the youngest, God’s joy and love spread.

I believe that even very young children can understand the love of their Savior.  So I held them. And whispered how much Jesus loved them.  All.the.time.

And so I want you to meet them, these littles that I held and prayed over. As you do, pray that God will protect them, nourish them and raise them up to lead a generation of Christ-followers in India.

In India, the youngest kids wandered the village alone, spending their time playing with each other and dirt.  They would go to any mom with their needs.  Truly, it was a different perspective on the cultural context of child development. 

They were so self-sufficient, that they even got their own tea!
And shook their booties like you wouldn’t believe!
I miss all the littles, but “Mala” was the one that consistently held up her hands to me so that I would hold her.  It felt right to both of us that we should go about our days with her in my arms.  

It’s hard to adjust to not having my arms constantly filled with kids.  What an incredible blessing to be the hands and feet of Jesus by holding them.

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