April’s Life Journal- In a Photostream

Dear Photostream: thanks for keeping a great record of my life even when I’m too busy to write in my journal app, can’t think of how to say the important stuff on my blog, and fail at writing daily emails to my best friends.

First, my house sold for more than the asking price!!!! May will include pictures of loading a moving truck (in two weeks!). For now, I’m just organizing the packing. I’m better at that.

As I begin to transition out of Grand Rapids, I’ve been spending some awesome time in Detroit. I can’t wait to move to the city and be a part of Mack Ave Community Church in July. Looking for housing has been challenging, as you can imagine. You can pray for my next place. As well as the rebuilding of Detroit. br />

Easter is one of my favorites.

I loved that this Easter in Chicago included Josh this year.


And making Easter eggs with kids I adore.


My aunt and uncle even threw a big Easter brunch buffet for my extended family to celebrate us!


To balance the buffet, Josh, my mom and I hit the trail for an awesome bike ride. It was a great weekend with friends and family.


There are a few other important April holidays. These include the births of my brothers (I got to spend Jonathan’s birthday at SpringHill with him).


And of course, Opening Day. Though I didn’t make it to the first game, we did spend a frigid evening at Comerica. I promise I didn’t cheer for the Tigers, though. I refuse to lose my roots just because I’m getting further from Chicago


April is the month that we’re all gearing up for summer camp. I’ve spent most Sundays at different churches, talking to families and kids about camp. Truth be told, while I’m excited to end this season and have my Sundays back, I think I’ll always miss my time on stages teaching kids camp songs. In fact, I’ve decided I’m better with a crowd of 300 kids than 30. It’s like I was made for crowds of kids.


I’ve brought the little girl I mentor to the churches, too. I wish you all could see her in action. She’s incredible on stage and a natural promoter. She drew me this card one Sunday, the week after I told the kids about my move to Detroit. We’ve talked a lot about how I will be her mentor forever. Her capacity for love is amazing.


It was an incredible month of celebrating many things and people. I’m so thankful for God’s grace poured out and the way He’s answering the prayers of His children in ways better than we imagine.

One thought on “April’s Life Journal- In a Photostream

  1. WOW! what a whirlwind of a month. So many great memories and new beginnings. I love how you have seen God’s hand in every decision, memory and step. This year is definitely a testament to his faithfulness, provision and love for you!

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