April’s Goodbye to Her SpringHill Team

I can’t think of a better way to spend 12 summers of my life. Trust me, you will never have a better job than getting to share the love of Jesus with kids.  Yesterday, some of the kids I’ve been investing in for four years (from Burton- a Grand Rapids Public School) gathered with me to celebrate the 4th of July.  I will forever cherish this picture because it so accurately reflects the life I’ve been blessed to live.

As far as my SpringHill career goes, my life has truly been changed as I’ve been a part of piloting, launching and growing Day Camps.  Through Day Camps, God showed me what it means to be a mission-driven and mission-effective team.  The ones who have done this with me have become some of my greatest life-long friends. I’m forever grateful that God aligned our hearts in the right way and allowed us to jump head first into His work.  My co-workers that have loved this crazy life as much as I have pushed me to do more and be more effective for His kingdom than I ever thought possible.

I have always held this close to my heart and recognized that this team has been a once in a lifetime.

Speaking of teams, can we talk about all God’s people for a minute? Do you know what the church can do? They really do seek the lost, the broken, the poor and invite them to be friends and teammates with their own children.

I have watched the local church transform themselves and their communities as they dig into neighborhoods and families where no one else is going. I’ve literally watched a family leave a closing day of Day Camp with food because they were hungry, clothes because they were worn, and spiritual direction because they were losing their way.

Because local churches have welcomed my team in and loved us like their own, my heart began beating like theirs. I’ve wept with many church staff over kids that need love and over the awesome way God has provided for His children. I’ve been invited into countless homes, shared hundreds of meals and been encouraged to my core by amazing, authentic leaders.  I’ve travelled with a team from Granger Community Church to India and have new perspective on the gift of being able to use a mind filled with crazy camp songs, games and faith connections to reach a group of people desperate for Christ.  I’ve learned that the church is full of broken, awesome people who will do radical things to mobilize and live life on mission. I want to be one of those people.

The work God has done in me during this time has prepared me to be attentive to where He is at work and how He wants me to join in.  Josh and I are so excited about moving to Detroit and loving and serving the kids in our neighborhood.

I wish I kept better journals of all the crazy ways God revealed Himself and His power at SpringHill Camps. I can’t even imagine what our block, our zip code, our new city will be like if God is even 1% as faithful as He has been in this season.

Continue this work together, my friends, knowing that God is going to reach tens of thousands more kids because of your willingness to forsake your own comforts and plans and move into where He’s working.

Continue this work because He’s already weaving something for you beyond your imagination.

I’m forever grateful that we got to do this together. And really, I kind of feel like it’s just the beginning…

4 thoughts on “April’s Goodbye to Her SpringHill Team

  1. Tears are flowing! Thank you April for serving God and many others! Thank you for serving God “outside the box”, being passsionate about children and adults who need Jesus! Hope we keep in touch. Love & prayers, Kathy Durling

  2. I have been here since 2006 and I hardly know who you are but I am deeply touched. I am sure God has many more adventures and plans for you, just listen and give your all. This blog will live in my heart for years to come as I embark on my journey for Christ. You have inspired me to do more and made me weep. Thank you and God bless, Mike Forbes

  3. It has been pure joy getting to know you and sharing your passion for inviting the Burton kids to experience the love of Jesus at SpringHill Camps! We all have been amazingly blessed and inspired by your endless enthusiasm and love for these precious children! I’m eager to see how God is going to continue to use you in expanding His kingdom and bring heaven to earth! Love you, my friend!

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