Beginning Our Detroit Adventure

To begin, you should know that we love married life way more than we ever thought we would, and we are trying hard not to be too giddy or cheesy about it. But seriously, we are IN LOVE.

One of our favorite books is “A Severe Mercy” written by Sheldon Vanauken, and filled with correspondence with his friend, C.S. Lewis. It’s an incredible story of love, life and loss. His description of the love he shares with his wife seems so fitting to me right now: “What was remarkable, if not unique, about our love–our inloveness–was all we built into it, giving to it all our minds and devotion. But beneath all the hard thought was the loveliness of the love itself, love so deep and clear that it almost broke our hearts with its passion and tenderness.”

We’ve found that this kind of love makes living in a temporary apartment with a mattress on the floor, bikes in the kitchen and laundry that takes quarters quite exhilarating.

The boxes have since been stashed in a closet, but here is a picture of our current place of residence. Our friends from church graciously gifted us with their apartment since they just moved into a house. It’s perfect- close to everything downtown Detroit and filled with our left-over wedding decor instead of things like sheets and towels. Most of our belongings are still in Josh’s old garage.

Here is the awesome house we hope to be owning and living in next month:

I’m headed over there today to get one final bid from the contractor before we can get a closing date. I’m learning how to be a real home-maker (the demo and nails type–although I’ve made a few good dinners–much to my surprise). While I’m busy with local kids and rehabbing our Historic Detroit house, Josh is continuing his work at a Detroit Hospital and also attending Nurse Anethetist School at University of Detroit. Okay, he’s also doing a ton with the house. He’s pretty remarkable.

Speaking of remarkable, I did take a first day of school picture. He’s funny. I hope he can make friends.

I’ve got loads of pictures from our wedding and honeymoon to share, but I wanted to keep you all in the loop about where we drove our mattress in our $19.95 Uhaul Van and what we’re doing with our days.

It’s a great adventure and we’re so blessed to be in it together!

One thought on “Beginning Our Detroit Adventure

  1. Hi April don’t know if you remember me but it’s Kori from high school. Heard you got married from jenny so I decide to stalk you to see if I could find you! I did clearly congratulations to you and your new husband may GOD continue to bless you! Jori

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