Our Honeymoon in Nicaragua, Part 1: Jicaro Ecolodge

I’m not sure if I was more excited for the wedding day or the surprise honeymoon. And still, it’s a toss-up.

We had an amazing party, filled with great people.  And then, I did what every bride should do–I let my husband sweep me off to an unknown location.

Josh once asked me if I wanted input in planning our honeymoon, and I immediately said no.  I knew that his sense of travel and adventure was the perfect fit for mine, and I was in good hands.  The night of our wedding, Josh let me in on the secret by giving me a Nicaraguan guide-book.  He showed me the website of our destination and talked excitedly about their mission.  Only a few hours in, I knew that I did indeed have the coolest husband ever.

Jicaro Island’s Website  explains their commitment to sustainability–the resort itself was built entirely of reclaimed lumber from Hurricane Felix, the staff are all Nicaraguans who are now better able to support their families and proceeds go to  three local island schools in great need of  help.  Really?  Josh found an incredible getaway that allowed our money to go towards a nation and kids in great need?  The marriage started out pretty well, don’t you think?

I took hundreds of pictures, but Part 1 presents the amazing location.  We were expecting great things, but Jicaro was beyond both of our imaginations.

Our first clue it would indeed be paradise?  Being the only ones getting picked up at the airport with a sign made of reclaimed wood. We might have also been a little giddy to finally be “The Olsons” together.

After a car ride to Granada, we were dropped off to an enchanted, unlit boat that made its way to Jicaro Island on Lake Nicaragua.  As our captain navigated around gorgeous islands lit only by starlight, we felt like the luckiest lovers in the world.

It was dark upon our arrival, but this is what the scene looked like every time we arrived at the little dock on Jicaro.  Awesome staff greeted us with a smile and refreshing drinks. 

In fact, the first night, we were greeted with Jicaro tea and this awesome spread. 

The path up from the dock to the building structures… 

The infinity pool…

Our two-story Casita from a kayak on Lake Nicaragua…

The door to our Casita offered great privacy for our enchanted treehouse.   Can you imagine lying in this bed with a great lake breeze and the sounds of monkeys and birds?   It was the definition of paradise.  The nightly turn-down service included pulling down the mosquito net and leaving a pitcher with fresh filtered water. If any of you are thinking about a new shower, you should build this.  It’s one of the best things I’ve encountered.  I used up that whole bottle of organic soap, too. 

Oh, and did I mention that the morning maid service involved hanging a hammock on the porch?  Josh and I both spent long hours reading in paradise (His favorite was The Count of Monte Cristo and mine was The Poisonwood Bible).

This great, gorgeous adventure was the best vacation either of us have taken (we’ve both been on some spectacular ones).  It almost felt too good to be true.  Much like our love story. We’re so grateful for the vision of a place like Jicaro and that we got to start this way. 

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