72 items on my house to-do list, but I’m caught blogging…

I have a lot on my mind.  Since I’ve always loved reading Abby’s random thoughts, I thought I’d give it a try. Hers are definitely funnier.  Probably because she studied communications and I studied bulletin board techniques.  Oh, I mean children.

1. We’ve been living in our house for 2 weeks and 4 days, but we’ve only had heat for the last 5 days.   Our heating crew dropped the brand new 600 lb. boiler down the stairs and left us cold and waiting for parts to come from hurricane-ravaged New York.  We’re still waiting for the parts, but they finally did a work-around and got us some temporary heat.  In the meantime, we found out that the guy that raked our lawn is living without heat and electricity for the duration as he is squatting in a house a few blocks north of us.  24% of Detroit’s homes are vacant, and many of those that are homeless choose to stay in these homes (including the home next to us, which we decided to secure with new locks).  Our new friend came to church with us last Sunday and asked everyone to pray that he can get out of that house.  It’s cold here.  Please pray for him, too.

2. It’s our new friend’s (the lawn-raker) birthday on Saturday.  It’s pretty much the first thing he’ll tell you when you meet him.  He’ll even show you the date on his ID so that you know he’s legit. We’re having a birthday party for him on Sunday night and you’re all invited. One of the things we agreed upon long before we got married is that we would be a family that celebrates well.  We especially believe in celebrating those that aren’t often celebrated.

3. Speaking of celebrating, last Saturday our church’s new sports league celebrated the end of the first kids soccer season.  Josh and I went to help and cheer on the kids in our neighborhood.  I’ve never seen someone so excited to get a metal in all my life.  Not even the Olympic champions display such joy. I wish you could have heard my buddy shouting, “Yes!!!”

4.  I love being a part of the work happening with kids in our neighborhood.  My friend Erin (check out her blog) and I have just taken over as the leaders of the Mack Ave Community Church kids ministry.  We love planning together and thinking about the long-term vision for the kids that are already attending our church and those that will be drawn in.  It’s probably the role I’m most excited about right now.

5. I’m also so excited about a grant we just got to create a summer-long program for kids in our neighborhood!!!  It will help promote literacy, include weekly field trips to expose kids to professions and places in Detroit, and of course, integrate faith and fun.  God is at work, my friends.

6.  I love being married.  Josh is the most awesome person I’ve ever met and I still can’t quite grasp what an incredible gift God gave me.  He’s incredible at loving me and encouraging my spirit.  He asks the best questions and remembers things I never knew I told him.  He’s my extroverted match and wants to throw more parties than I do (I would probably throw more if I didn’t have to cook- still working on enjoying that).  Life with Josh is always an adventure as he stops to help every broken-down car, to feed the homeless, or to invite our lawn-raker in for a birthday celebration.  He discerns Truth more than anyone I’ve met.  I can’t believe I get to live with him forever.

8.  This is the month that Josh and I met each other last year.  It’s also the month that I started meeting with people in Detroit about possible job opportunities (even before I met Josh).  What an incredible year. God was at work all along preparing us to meet each other, marry each other and  minister together in Detroit.  I’ve noticed that once people get married, they really try to promote marriage to their single friends.  But I remain cautious.  Wait for the Lord to act.  Pray and wait longer.  I promise, it will be worth it.

9. I have more thoughts, of course, but I need to go because I just updated my Wunderlist app and I have 72 items on my to-do list for the house.  Tonight’s a big night around here as we get to put our furniture in the living room .  We’ve been waiting for our hardwood floors to cure (yep, my awesome husband re-did them) and finally we can put couches in front of our fireplace!  

10.  There’s a long list to complete, but we’re trying to keep our space guest-friendly.  Now that we have heat, you can come stay in our guest room with a private bath.  We also have a 700 sq foot 3rd floor apartment that I’m painting this week.  Know anyone that wants to move to the D and live in the Olson’s party pad?

3 thoughts on “72 items on my house to-do list, but I’m caught blogging…

  1. So glad you took a minute to blog and a break from projects! I can hear joy, awe and love in your writing – oh what The Lord can do with a year, imagine eternity full of His goodness!

  2. Whew! Your last year has been eventful–however good eventful.   Today, (Dec. 10), I took your dishes to be packed and mailed and with my one brain cell on the blink, I forgot your address; however , with assistance from Georgia and a trip home I was able to call the mail-box man.  He says everything will be mailed Monday afternoon and will be there-perhaps- by Thursday.  Everything is insured for $400 so let me know if there is any damage.


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