Photostream Friday

Life is flying by at a rapid pace and I suspect it’s about to pick up.  Josh writes in a journal app once in a while, but I’m not really keeping a record of our lives except on my photostream.  I’m going to try to join the Photostream Friday blogging crowd, but we’ll see. Here’s at least one glance at one week…

1. This past weekend my mom came to visit.  We had a lovely sunny day to explore Belle Isle, with my brother joining us while we were there.  Before Josh joined us for a Slows-to-go dinner, I treated them both to La Gloria Bakery, a must-visit in Detroit’s Mexican Village.  I love life in the D. April and her momOn Belle IsleLa Gloria Bakery

2. Josh did a lot of studying for a test he had this week.  I love sitting next to him on the couch while he explains medical things that I don’t understand.  He’s so passionate about his work and his studies.  I’m so glad he’s loving school.   Also, let this document that we are now eating 99 cent chips from Aldi.  I would much rather be at Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods, but I’m trying to get used to this “my husband’s in school and we’re having a baby” lifestyle.

Josh studying

3. I’ve been watching little M (the baby that lives on our third floor) twice a week while her mom works.  She’s a sweet little 3 month old bundle and I’m really enjoying my time with her.  I held her for a minute while she fell asleep, then put her in her bed so that I could be a blogger.  See how hard she is to put down?!Baby MBaby M

4. My grandmother in Texas is awesome.  She didn’t bat an eye (well, maybe she gasped a little bit) when I told her I wanted to spend all the money she was giving to Baby O on an expensive stroller.  The one thing I cared about for our own baby was a great stroller (I think all former nannies feel that way).  My Baby Jogger City Select came this week and I’ve loved taking Baby M out for walks.  We have 100 year old sidewalks that are in terrible shape and this stroller is just dreamy.  It also allows us to add a second seat so that we can care for more babies without buying another stroller. See?  I’m like a walking infomercial for the thing. 
Baby Jogger City Select

5. Lastly, I leave you with a little update on Baby O’s nursery.  It’s coming slowly, but I’ve found my inspiration pieces.  I have always loved this hand-sewn art that was made by my great-grandmother, Mary Rudd, and was hanging in my nursery as a baby.  Luckily, I found a coordinating bedding set on ebay for $25.   I’m loving the gender-neutral decorating challenge as it makes me pray not only for Baby O, but for the many more babies we hope to have in that nursery. Baby O's Nursery

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