When You Have Friends Like Ours, You Must Have a Wedding Photobooth

I knew from the beginning that we had to make a photobooth happen at our wedding.  Our friends are hilarious and we knew they’d ham it up in front of a camera.

Our DIY photobooth was a really cheap addition and in my opinion, way better than the ones we could have rented.  We borrowed a back-drop frame from my SpringHill teammates, bought curtains from IKEA (they now hang in our house, so I technically don’t think that counts against the wedding budget), spray painted some frames, added some dollar store props and paid a SpringHill photographer to stand there with a camera for hours.

I think we had more fun looking through the photobooth pictures than any other pictures from our wedding.  Here are some of our favorites:
_DSC0175 _DSC0160 _DSC0129 _DSC0120 _DSC0113 _DSC0094 _DSC0077 _DSC0038 _DSC0037 _DSC0030 _DSC0025 _DSC0010 _DSC0008 _DSC0184

Photo credits to the very talented Steven Gavel.  He also graciously posed with many teenage girls. Seriously, he’s awesome.


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