Baby O’s First Party

Dear Baby O,

People really love you a lot already.  In fact, two ladies here in Detroit decided to throw you a party before they’ve even met you.  Miss Betty is my Discipler (kind of like a mentor) and Miss Rachel is in our small group from church. They are incredibly gifted women and party-throwers, and have become great friends of mine.  The very first time I attended a brunch at our church, these two were the ladies that made me want to come back.  They are passionate for life, for God and for His people.  I can’t wait for you to know them.

With the hostesses

Due to predicted storms and temperatures in the 80’s, the party-planning group decided it might be best to move your party to our house.  Your dad and I love the fact that our house fits lots of people and are always happy to fill our living room with chairs.  This picture below shows a lot of the women that came to celebrate you.  In fact, this was right before my favorite moment of the celebration- the ladies around the room took turns praying for you.  It made me cry.  So many people care about you.  I’m so thankful you get to be born into a life filled with love and faithful friends.

Baby ShowerYou probably look at this picture and see all the delicious food Miss Betty and Miss Rachel made (including nice gluten free options!).  I, however, see the picture that has been waiting to be hung since October.  I hope you’re ready for this life, Baby O.  We’ve got a lot going on, but always want people to feel at home in our house.  Especially you.  
the set-up

I’m pretty opposed to cheesy shower games, and I love that Miss Rachel took that to heart and created activities where the ladies could still enjoy each others’ company and participate in a few activities.  The first was that people had to predict if you are a boy or girl, and write your weight, height and birth day on a pink or blue pennant.  It turns out that the majority of people think you are going to be a boy, weigh in the 7 lb range and be born before your July 31st due date.  Your Aunt Jodie and I took this picture before all the flags were hung, but now I want to leave them up until you come home with us.  What kind of prize should we give the winner?  First baby-sitting rights?  Your Aunt Jodie sure is going to fight for that prize.   Baby Shower Game

The other activity was for the ladies to give me advice on raising you.  I loved this keepsake.  Particularly, I loved what your Aunt Heidi, one of my longest and best friends wrote:

  1. You don’t need any advice. (Heidi’s going to have her 5th baby and one of your future best friends a few months after you’re born.  She’s willingly handed all her other newborns over to me so I think she trusts me.)
  2. Swaddle with arms in. 🙂
  3. Let lots of people come over so you can sleep.  You and I need our sleep. 🙂
  4. Write out a prayer for your baby and read it every day.  That way when you’re too tired to be articulate, you can cover your bases.  Change it every so often as you get to know him/her and their needs.
  5. Go on dates with Josh.
  6. Go on weekends with your best friends. 🙂
  7. Text us lots of pictures.  You can’t send enough.

Baby Shower "Games"Heidi and April

Speaking of holding other people’s babies, your dad and I are so thankful that Rachel and Makayla live on our third floor.  We really  like having them around.  Especially when Makayla comes down in her party dress.  She was by far the prettiest one in attendance.  My favorite guest

A few boys were allowed into your party- your dad came home as I was finishing opening presents and he brought his buddy Kameron over to enjoy your toys as well.  You already have such great little friends here in Detroit. We can’t wait to spend many days playing with all of you. Sharing Toys

Oh, and let it be noted that we got our first item of sports apparel (from your Uncle Jonathan and Aunt Jodie, of course).  I couldn’t be happier to tell you that you’re a Chicago White Sox fan.  Your dad couldn’t disagree more.  It’s really the only topic that we have to stop talking about because it becomes so heated.  Good luck. 
Let's Go White Sox
There were so many fabulous women at your party, but you should know that your family is by far the most excited (and went the craziest with gifts for you).  Here I am with Nana Olson, your Aunt Rachel and your cousins Jessica and Selena. I’m really blessed that I got to marry into this group of lovely ladies. 
With Josh's Family

Your Grandmas (who both want to be called Nana), are two of the most incredible women I know.  They really love other babies, so I’m pretty sure they’re going to smother you with love and attention.  You couldn’t ask for better Grandparents in your life, Baby O.

Baby O's GrandmasYour Nana G (my mom) actually flew in from Chicago with a suitcase full of presents for your party.  She loved getting to feel you kick and squirm, and I love that Josh and I get to make her a grandma.  She stayed the weekend and helped me wash your tiny clothes and get them organized.  I have a feeling she’ll be flying out here often!

My mom is going to be a grandma!

It was a lovely day celebrating you, Baby O.  May you have many more parties in your honor and many more people praying over you.

We couldn’t love you more.

One thought on “Baby O’s First Party

  1. What a special day! You look so beautiful in all these pictures!!! So thankful to he a part of it and can’t wait To get my hands on that sweet baby!!

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