There’s Been a Baby At Our House for 6 Months Now…And We’re In Love

Baby O is coming soon and thinking about it makes my arms ache to hold him or her. Luckily, we’ve been adoring another baby in our home while we’ve been waiting.  In fact, we’re so smitten that the other night Josh and I laid in bed and compared who had the cutest iPhone pics of Makayla, who’s been in our home for almost 6 months now.

Last January, at three weeks of age, Makayla and her mom, Rachel, moved into our third floor apartment.  I was still in the nauseous  phase of pregnancy, so the day they moved in, I got to sit and hold Makayla the whole time.  It was love at first sight.

Makayla at 3 weeksOne of our biggest blessings this year has been to have Rachel and Makayla’s constant joyful spirits in our home.  Rachel and Makayla have their own entrance and stairway to the third floor- they could choose to be renters only, but they’ve quickly become family to us.  I know they’re probably not going to stay here forever, but I secretly hope that if they do move out, they’ll buy the house next door.  We’d be so happy if Baby O could grow up with Makayla as his or her best friend.  Makayla and mom at 5 monthsRachel went back to work a few months after Makayla was born, and I got to be her baby-sitter/aunt.  (When people see me out with a tiny baby and a growing pregnant belly, they get confused.  One day I told the Jehovah’s Witnesses at the door that I was her aunt and it kind of stuck-it fits how we all feel about each other).

So, Makayla, if you’re reading this someday, you should know that your Aunt April and Uncle Josh think you’re the coolest little baby. You’re six months old right now and we love everything about you.  You’re playful and peaceful and definitely love life and people.  We’ve held you in our arms a lot over the past six months and prayed for you often.  We’ve also taken a ton of photos of you and let you play with all of Baby O’s gifts.  Right now, you’re upstairs sleeping while your mom’s at small group.  You cried a bit after I put you down and I was so happy to go back up and hold you for a minute.  We’re always a little bit sad to hand you over to your mom or dad or put you down to sleep.  We might be a little bit obsessed with you.  These pictures will prove it.

Moby WrapSmile

Josh feeding MakaylaStudying God's Word Nap timeCuddling

On a walk Backyard hammock Makayla in the hammock Baby MSU fan Loving Baby O's Toy Utilizing the play mat Ready for a swim! First time in the pool

One more thing, Makayla.  You’re absolutely gorgeous, inside and out.  We feel like it’s appropriate to tell you how awesome you are at least 100 times a day when you’re in our care. We love you!

3 thoughts on “There’s Been a Baby At Our House for 6 Months Now…And We’re In Love

  1. This beautiful little girl looks like a magazine model.  She looiks very cuddly and happy.   Bette Nolen

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