What to do when your ceiling falls in for the second time in a month

Yesterday, Josh and I hung curtains.  You know you’re finally at a better place in your house when you can hang curtains.  We were feeling like we were really turning the corner on our house- 9 months in and a month before Baby O’s due date.

Then, we had a rainstorm.

Josh called out to me and said, “Do you want the good news or the bad news first?”  This time, I chose the bad news.  I kind of regret that because I never did find out the good news.

Yes, water was coming through our nursery ceiling again.  The roofers came back this morning and it seems that while they spent our money on a lot of repairs that will save us in the long run, they didn’t actually get at the leak.  We have an even bigger problem with a pipe.  Plumbers are on their way now and we anticipate a much more expensive repair.

What will we do?

But I trust in your unfailing love. I will rejoice because you have rescued me.  Psalm 13:5

I really want to provide a wonderful host home for the 10 SpringHill Day Camp staff that will be living with us next week (and we get to host dinner for all of them on Tuesday night!).  I also want to give our baby a waterproof, safe room to come home to.  But you know what?  God wants even more for His children than I want for mine (or my visitors).  Josh and I confidently put our trust in the Lord.  He has rescued us over and over again, and we know that though the ceiling is falling in, God’s love and provision for His children is never ending.

Someone told me yesterday that I should be having a break-down with all the stress of this past year (quitting my job, getting married, buying a huge old fixer-upper, moving to Detroit, Josh starting CRNA school, leading children’s ministry, pregnancy, etc).

And while Josh and I have experienced a ton of change this year, I hope that you see that we are firmly held in our Heavenly Father’s hands and have had His grace and love poured upon us this year. (I feel really badly that the woman yesterday thought I might have a break-down- I hope my life doesn’t really show that).  Really, we have no idea what tomorrow holds or how we will even afford tomorrow, but we love this life the Lord is providing.

As I finish this post, we’re getting another huge rainstorm- I just had to get bigger buckets for the nursery and I keep running to the basement to watch the pipe.  So, without further delay, here are some pictures for you:

You can see the multiple stages of repair in Baby O’s room.  The first picture was a week ago, before we had everything fixed.

A week later and thousands of dollars, the crib and mattress still stand in boxes in the hallway and the bowls have been upgraded to buckets to catch rain (sorry about the UGLY wallpaper in the hall- we can’t even deal with that right now).

The nursery ceiling fell inOur electrician, John, is on his way over as we still have no power in the nursery (notice light plugged into the purple bathroom).  He’s been a complete God-send this year.  We have no idea what we’d do without our fellow church attender and fast-friend, John Jacobson.  He’s always our first call whenever anything goes wrong over here and he always goes above and beyond to help us.  See how well God has provided?No electricity in the nurseryThis morning as they were trying to figure out where the leak was coming from, I heard water pouring into the basement.  Sorry, Rachel, but the roofer grabbed your sweater from the drying rack as a stopper.  After he said multiple swear words, of course. 
The leaking pipe in the basementSo, I’m currently watching that pipe and hoping to not get electrocuted until help arrives.  God is good.  All the time. Even as the rain pours in.

May you know that today, my friends.

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