Power in a Name

My dear son Luke Donovan,

Every part of you is important. From the top of your head, to the bottom of those little toes, not one thing on you is wasted. Even your name, which is more than just a word assigned to tell you apart from others, has meaning. Your mom and I didn’t choose your name just because it has a certain ring to it (although it does), we chose it because we hope it exemplifies that kind of man you will become.

Baby Luke Baby Luke Baby LukeSaint Luke may be best known for writing the third Gospel and the Book of Acts, but he is more than an author. Luke was a physician. He was a healer and comforter. His steadfast support earned him the name, “the beloved physician” (Col :14). As the apostle Paul suffered through his travels, Luke stood by his side. When Paul was at the end of his life, about to stand trial and be punished by death, Luke is the only one who remained. In his second letter to Timothy, the last letter he would write before his execution, Paul wrote: “only Luke is with me…” (2 Tim 4:11).

May you have the same heart.

May you be a loyal and steadfast healer.

May your presence and wisdom cause others to be drawn to The Lord.

May you, like the saint whose name you bear, spend your life healing the broken and lonely.

Few men have been as blessed by good friends as I have. Since I was 14 years old, my 3 closest friends have remained the same to this day. Uncle Paul and Uncle Steve you will likely have a relationship with (Lord willing), but Uncle Donovan will be gone by the time you are able to read this. I wish you could have known him. There is a type of wisdom that sees beyond the circumstance, beyond the options, and sees clearly the way through. Your Uncle Donovan, who spent the last 13 years of his life as a missionary in Bosnia, always has a way of understanding and simplifying the complex. When the debate rages about options A or B, Donovan always seems to see a preferable option C. When the way seems dark and cloudy, Donovan can pick out the road.

May you have the same mind.

May you have the same clarity and insight.

May your wisdom and judgement cause others to see The Lord.

May you, like my friend whose name you share, spend your life giving light to those in darkness.

I love you Luke; every part of you. I hope your name is more than just a title but is a picture of who you are.


Your Dad

Father and Son



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