Luke’s First Days

I can’t believe we have a 2 month old.

Our tiny baby is growing so quickly. It’s amazing to look at the comparison of Luke now (9 lbs 8 oz) and when he was a newborn (5 lbs 6 oz when he left the hospital). Preemie to Two Months

After Luke’s birth (which you can read about here), we had a few lovely hours together in our room.

Josh and Luke had an incredible connection from the beginning. I’m so glad Josh gets to have a son. And I’m so glad Luke gets to have a dad like Josh.

Josh’s mom and sister were our first visitors. They were immediately smitten with Luke, and Josh and I immediately devoured the breakfast they brought us. IMG_8241

Luke spent the next 48 hours of life in the Special Care Nursery at Hutzel. This nursery was a step down from the NICU, and while he had great care there, I still can’t talk about it without being mad. We knew there was nothing wrong with our little guy, but it seems that the resident that day was feeling very cautious and they whisked Luke away from us around 10am the morning of his birth. I was bawling. It’s hard to go against medical advice when it comes to your 5 pound baby, but if I had the day of his birth to live over, I would not have let them take him (they wanted to test for infection and hook him up to the monitors because he had one low blood sugar test- we believe it was a lab error).

Luckily our little guy seemed resilient to the pokes and beeping monitors. The only time he got upset was when other babies cried. He was awake and alert and just awesome those first few days.

Here Luke is in the wooden bassinet. We spent two days sitting on those chairs where the diaper bag is– holding him and all his monitor cords.IMG_2741IMG_8269

Luke sported a donated hat the first few days of his life. He was a warm little wizard. IMG_2724

We had to feed our little buddy formula at times, but I was willing to do whatever it took so that we could get him home.

Nana G came to visit from Chicago- she was awesome at cuddling her first grand baby.


Grandpa also came from Chicago- he’s the best at telling Luke about all the sports he will teach him.

The moment they told us we could take him home is in the top 5 moments of my life. It’s a really good life. I love my family.IMG_2746

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