Winter, It’s Been Fun. But You Can Go Now.

Winter is best in the midwest when you can leave it for a while.  This year, my grandmother graciously flew us down to Texas for the New Year.  She’s a huge fan of Luke and it was so nice to give her a few days with him.  It was also nice to feel real sunshine.

This was Luke’s first flight was at 6 months old.  He was a bit unsure about the whole experience, but ended up doing just fine.


It was so fun to get to re-live my childhood memories (we visited Texas often) with my own little family.  Please don’t worry too much that our kid looks a little unimpressed with it all.  It was during this trip that he turned to into an “I don’t want to sleep when there’s action going on” baby.  Truth be told, I kind of like that he loves to observe people and new places as much as we do.

The highlight of the trip for all of us was watching Luke with his Great-Grammy.  It was mutual affection at its finest.


We flew back home just before they shut down the airport in Detroit.  Upon our return, Josh actually had a grad school snow day! We didn’t want Luke to miss out on any winter activities so we bundled him up on a sled and off we went…to the neighbors front yard.  As you can see, it wasn’t really a sled for babies.  He promptly fell off into the snow.  And then we left him there for a bit to take his picture.  Poor kid has to indulge his parents in all sorts of “we finally have a kid to play with!” activities.


We decided that sledding was a tiny bit cruel (he didn’t even like the fast hills, can you imagine?!) so we went on a few family walks with a backpack from our neighbors.  Luke seemed to like this perspective on winter better than sledding.


But then, in another hand-me-down miracle, we got a sled made for a baby!  Now this, my friends, is how you should do winter.


Other winter adventures included but are not limited to a trip to snowy Saugatuck for a Taylor University reunion of the friends…1622277_10153833840175525_1804493109_n

And a visit from our favorite Chicago kids.  We did all the fun Detroit things with them like watching the Polar Plunge, taking a trip to American Jewelry and Loan (they’re huge fans of the TV Show), and some indoor s’more roasting. 

If you happen to be reading this in a different climate, it may seem that the snow has been sort of fun for us.  Okay, I’ll admit, we had some very good times this winter.  But on behalf of all of us here in the midwest, we’d rather put this behind us and move on to spring.  I think Luke might feel that way, too.

And so,  I leave you with my 8 month old trying to play with a ray of sunlight.  This kid needs to get out and crawl in the grass!

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