An “On the Move” Baby Shower

I’m of the persuasion that throwing a party for someone gives you an even greater love for him or her.  It’s kind of like when you pray for someone–through the process of praying, you become even more invested in that person’s life.

Rachel was one of the first people I met in Detroit- even before we moved here- and I’m so glad she ended up becoming a great friend.  Josh and I have really appreciated Rachel and her husband Jared and will truly miss them when they move to California this summer.  They are the kind of friends that always have a fun new idea and will stop by our house to convince us to join them (they will arrive on bikes, roller blades, a moped- you just never know, but it’s never in a car).  They have servants’ hearts and have helped us more times than we can count. Their energy is contagious and we’ve always known they would be amazing parents.  We’re so excited that they’ll be welcoming a little boy to their Detroit home just before they move.

This past weekend, I got the chance to gather Rachel’s friends to celebrate her and welcome her to motherhood.  I wanted to make this a very special baby shower so I enlisted the help of my very favorite person to plan an event with– Danae.  She was much of the magic behind our wedding (and did all the flowers) and is known for her excellent hostessing skills and attention to detail.  We planned this shower by creating a secret pinterest board— now made public in case you want to use some of the versatile party ideas. Since Rachel and Jared are moving to California with their newborn, our theme was “On the Move.”

On The Move Baby Shower IMG_9428I came across a great blog with free printables and spent a lot of my prep time printing these vintage letters and cutting out triangles to make red and blue buntings.  The beauty of pinterest is that you only need a printer, card stock paper, scissors and glue to create fun party decor.  Oh, and you need to know awesome people that can make things like train cakes (thanks, Lucy)!IMG_9429 IMG_9430

Upon arrival at the shower, guests were allowed to pick the activity of their choice.  The living room coffee tables had onesies to decorate/sign (I just pre-wrote on them with sharpies) and these cute “Wishes for Baby” cards to fill out (again, I googled for a free version to print on card stock).  I LOVED hearing the creative wishes the ladies had for Baby Mo.  He’s going to be one awesome kid.


The little girls had their own activity in the kitchen and were busy painting these wooden cars for Baby Mo.  It was nice to have space set aside for kids to gather throughout the shower.  They also had special kids-only party favors to take home. IMG_9532
No shower is complete without tons of cute baby presents (or “baggage claim”).  This shower was particularly fun because Rachel let the little girls take turns opening the presents.  They could not have physically gotten any closer to Rachel and their joy in the process was contagious.  Rachel is ADORED by kids.  I can’t wait for her to get to be a mom.  
IMG_9438 IMG_9487

I think my favorite part of the shower was that we went around the room and told Rachel what we love and appreciate about her.  Everyone had very meaningful (and often tearful) words to share with her.  It is evident that Rachel has loved others well and has really let herself be known in this community.  And I LOVE that Rachel’s mom was here to listen to others celebrating her daughter.  It makes me teary to think about that happening for my own kids.  I’m not quite sure how to express it all in words, but I’m so excited that Rachel’s will get to experience all these new, scary, awesome emotions of motherhood in just a few months!



I’m sad that our summer 2014 babies won’t get to grow up together but I can’t wait to plan our trip to California for a play date!  Love you, Rachel!IMG_9530

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