One Year with Luke

Dear Luke,

We’ve had a full year of knowing and loving you.  It’s been an incredible beginning to your story and your dad and I have cherished every minute of it.  We have thousands of pictures and videos to prove our obsession.  After you go to sleep, we often lie in bed looking back at our favorite moments of you from the day or even the year.  You are SO loved.

You were our tiny little baby (who we quickly started calling “Little Buddy”) and have grown from 5 lbs 11 oz at birth to 20 lbs 2 oz at your one year check-up.  IMG_0185_2IMG_9866

The physical growth is incredible, but I really want you to know how your character has grown in this first year.  We’re already so proud of you, little buddy.

You’re a “helper.”  One of my favorite memories of you is coming into the kitchen while your dad was fixing a broken piece in our freezer drawer.  Your head was right in there with him- cold temperatures and the sound of drilling didn’t deter you from helping.  You prefer to be right by your dad’s side, participating in whatever he’s doing.  You are, without a doubt, a daddy’s boy.


You’re an explorer.  You can hear a bathroom door opening from the other side of the house and will crawl as fast as you can in hopes of getting your hands in a toilet.  You love dishwashers and trash cans and climbing stairs.  Your knees have huge calluses on them from crawling anywhere and everywhere- including across concrete.  You go everywhere (except the church nursery) without fear or hesitation.  You have an adventurous spirit.


You love other kids.  Not much makes you happier.  In fact, you’ve been known to make some little ones cry because your squeals of joy are a bit overwhelming. We are very excited that you are going to be a big brother in just a few weeks because it seems that the more people we have in our house, the happier you are.  It’s obvious to us that God’s gifted you with loving others.  We can’t wait to see how He uses that in your life.


You are loyal to one toy- your doggie.  He’s very special so we try to keep him in your crib, but you have become an expert and reaching in and breaking him out.  You crawl around with him by keeping his nose in your mouth.  This week I’ve found your doggy in your dad’s dresser drawer, at the back of our closet and in your toy basket. We have to find him or you can’t sleep.  No other stuffed animal will be taken as a substitute and you cry real tears until we bring him to you.


You love to play. In fact, I don’t think I’ve known another baby that plays as happily as you do.  You enjoy our company when we play with you but you are also very content to explore on your own.  You are persistent.  Nothing seems to be too high or too stuck for you and you patiently (most of the time) work at it until you can get the toy (or trash can) you want.  These pictures were taken during your morning play time on your actual first birthday.  Could you be any cuter?


You are independent.  For a few weeks I tried to puree you some nice organic baby food but I quickly learned that you wanted whatever we were having and you wanted to feed yourself.  Your first word was “more.”  I think your birthday cake experience sums it all up pretty well.



You have been filled with joy since the moment we met you.  You often flash this open-mouthed smile (some SpringHill Camps staff that were staying with us a few weeks ago called it your silent laugh). Your joy is contagious.  I pray that nothing stomps it out and that you get to share it with all God’s people.



I leave you, my buddy, with our favorite video of you during this first year.  It really captures your personality and the joy it’s been to parent you every step of the way.  It was taken right before you turned five months old.  You woke up squealing in delight and I walked in to have this sweet conversation with you.  Of course, I quickly messaged it to your dad as I’ve done almost every day.  We sure do love you, little buddy!

Love, Mama

P.S. Want to see a letter from Josh to Luke at his birth?  Click here.  I love how Luke is so clearly growing into his namesake.

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