Things I Love Thursday

Sometimes, when I’m cleaning, I think, “Oh, just one more surface…”


It wasn’t always that way. One day my friends John and Sherry over at Young House Love told me about their obsession with Mrs. Meyer’s. Since I’m highly allergic to the WORLD, I’m currently switching over to organic everything. It was fate.

And, oh, y’all need to hear the people talk about Mrs. Meyer’s (the Basil Scent in particular). It’s almost disturbing. But just wait until you try it. You’ll be one of them. I bought mine off of and this review was enough to convince me:
I love Mrs. Meyer’s products and I think this scent is probably my favorite. Like the title says… if only I could bathe in it! It makes my daily household chores bearable. I am constantly cleaning after my three munchkins (all four and under) and this gives me that moment I need to breathe in and relax between the craziness of my day. Yes a cleaner really can do that!

Here’s my homemade, label-maker version. I took the original bottle and poured a few cap fulls into each recycled spray bottle, then mixed with water. The $7.99 price tags looks a lot better when you realize how far the 32 oz bottle actually goes. I’ve already made 4 spray bottles and a few floor mixtures.

Plus, did I mention it’s just heavenly? And it cleans well. In.Love.

You weren’t expecting a cleaning product, were you? 🙂

Why Women Might Be Better Lawn Boys

>I’ve been the owner of a lawn for two years and I’ve never owned a lawn mower. You see, I had this nice young man, the lawn boy, who brought his generous dad’s mower over and cared for my lawn. But then that lawn boy moved to college. And I was left with a growing jungle. So, I had a few choices:
1- Find another nice lawn boy with his own mower –Nope, didn’t have time to network before the lawn grew to high.
2- Hire a legit lawn service–Um, I could have done this if I stopped buying groceries…
3- Buy my own cheap lawn mower and do it myself–I’m allergic to grass, but a $100 investment would pay for itself in a few weeks…

The winning option was…#3. And when I decided to buy my first ever mower, I wanted it to be on the cheaper end, take up a small amount of space in the garage, not involve hauling gasoline cans, and help me SAVE THE WORLD!

So, my friends, meet the Task Force!Yes, I bought a reel mower (I got it at Lowe’s- see it here). Besides the fact that I break into hives every time I mow, I rather enjoy the new green household helper. 🙂 I love that it doesn’t make any noise or pollution, it can get very close to trees and under picnic tables and it does have a nice clean cut. In this picture, you can see that I cut the bottom section, but not yet the top section.
Yes, the neighbors were totally staring at me when I was posing my lawn mower.One negative is that you have to pick up every single tiny stick before you mow or it gets caught in the reel and won’t move. I think that’s okay because raking before mowing probably adds a ton of calorie burning to the project.

So, here’s the interesting thing. Every single person told me not to buy a reel mower because they are too hard to push. But, I realized that men are the only ones giving advice on mowers. Hmmm. Sorry guys, but you’re wrong. It kind of feels easy to a woman. The reason is, that you haven’t spent years pushing double strollers. Reel mowers are way easier than double strollers. Those kids sure are cute though, aren’t they? I kind of liked that double-stroller pushing job better than lawn boy.